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Boxing is a sport that tests your wit and strength simultaneously. If you plan to enrol yourself in this field, you must get yourself a boxing starter pack consisting of a few essentials. You can quickly get good boxing equipment online and at your nearest stores. Just make sure that the boxing equipment you’re investing in is worth the investment.

Boxing Equipment At Home

If you plan to go for boxing training at home, you must get boxing equipment for home. You cannot practice your skills when you don’t have the right tools for it. You can look up boxing equipment for home use. Also, you can search for boxing equipment for home in the UK. Or boxing equipment for the home gym.

List Of Boxing Equipment

Here is a list of a few boxing essentials that you should have before you start your training. All of these have their importance, but you can skip a few of them if you want. However, do not compromise on your safety because safety comes first.

  • Boxing Headband.
  • Boxing Timer.
  • Perfect Push Up Assistance Equipment.
  • Free Standing Punch Bags.
  • Boxing Gloves.
  • Pull up bar
  • Ankle weights
  • Gym Mat.
  • Skipping Rope.
  • Light dumbells

It is not necessary that you can train in boxing only if you have all this Equipment. If you have a low budget or do not want to create a boxing gym at home, stick to the essentials while paying particular attention to your safety.

Why We Use Boxing Equipment At Home

It is necessary to understand the use of each Equipment to get the best benefit out of it. Try to refrain from experimenting with this Equipment while you’re a newbie in this field because it may lead to some serious injury.

Boxing headband

A boxing headband is used so that a tennis ball is attached to it and then hit for practice. It is a useful technique for practising your boxing skills and is available online. Many profound boxers use this technique in their approach, and so it is a good investment.

Boxing Timer

One must keep track of the time while practising. It not only helps you be precise, but you can use it for your assessment. Especially when you’re practising alone, a timer is a must-have.

Pushup Assistant Equipment

One has to follow a proper exercise routine consisting of squats, skipping and weight lifting, and boxing. Situps and pushups are also necessary, and there’s no harm in using reasonable pushup assistance. It Will add to your core strength

Freestanding Punching Bag

Out of all the other stuff, this one might be a little heavy on your pocket. It is not necessary equipment, but it is a good investment overall. You can add the weight according to your requirement and keep it wherever you want to find a place in your house.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing cannot be done without boxing gloves. It would be helpful if you had a good pair of boxing gloves, and one must not refrain from investing in it. They not only protect your hands but are necessary for the right boxing techniques.


This is equipment that you can use to build core strength. It helps you in exercises like lunges, kettlebell swings, and shoulder raises, etc. Again it is Additional equipment and not a necessary one.

Pull Up Bar

Pushups and pullups are a part of boxing training as they enhance your core strength and build up your stamina. You can install a pullup bar anywhere accessible and take benefit of it whenever you find some time.

Ankle Weights

These help with increasing leg strength. Footwork is a ubiquitous boxing component, and adding ankle weights will elevate your game to a whole new level. You are adding ankle weights while skipping is also recommended.

Gym Mat

Boxing involves a lot of workouts, and one sweats a lot. A gym mat gives you a surface to work on, and your labour remains confined on it. It also supports your body while you’re working out.

Skipping Rope

Skipping is an excellent exercise as it enhances the coordination of your hands and feet, which is very important for boxing practices. Also, it is good to warm up your body before you start your boxing routine.

Light Dumbells

Boxing training involves weightlifting. One must start from the bottom if they are not trained already.  Dumbbells are for building your stamina and strength for boxing practice.

All this Equipment needs special attention in their use. They all target some particular part of your body that adds to the overall strength of your body.

Buying From Stores

If you plan on buying boxing equipment for a home gym, you can head up to your nearest sports store and look for it. You can find a wide variety of boxing equipment for home use. The salesperson can guide you on how to utilize each of the boxing equipment, and you can check the quality. Most people believe in buying stuff from the store directly because you are satisfied with the quality. You don’t have to pay them any delivery charges, but it is equal to the fuel that your car takes for commuting to the store.

An advantage of buying boxing equipment from the store is that you can check the sturdiness of it by yourself. Also, you can test it and buy it only when you feel comfortable. Also, with the salesperson’s guidance, it gets easier to buy the right product as they have been working in this field for years.

Buying Online

Buying boxing equipment online is also a good option as you get to see a lot more variety and upgraded equipment. Just look up boxing equipment for home UK, best boxing equipment for home, or cheap boxing equipment for home, and you can purchase online while sitting at home.

Where To Buy Online

There are lots of options on the internet. Numerous online sports equipment stores provide their services in the UK. However, it would help if you were brilliant while shopping online. You can get the best boxing equipment for the home only if you refrain from impulsive shopping. Just stick to boxing equipment for home boxing training and don’t start shopping for strawberries instead. Look for the following points while shopping online

Also, while looking for boxing equipment online, you may come across kickboxing equipment for home. This means you can extend your boxing game and take it to a whole new level. You can get good quality kickboxing equipment for home and start training for kickboxing as well. It will only make you healthy but also enhance the coordination ability between your arms and legs.

  • Always check the reviews of the product
  • If reviews are not good, never buy the product because it will be a waste of money and time.
  • See if the store ships to your area
  • Look for shipping charges
  • Make sure the store sells boxing equipment for home UK.
  • Track your order.
  • Make sure that your payment method is safe.
  • Rate the site after receiving your order so that others can also take benefit.

Exim Fast

When it comes to comfortable and reliable boxing wear, Eximfast can be trusted. When you change into your boxing suit, it gives a sense of sportsmanship and responsibility. Your boxing kit is an essential component of the boxing equipment starter pack.

They deal in excellent quality sportswear and have been in this field for quite a long time. They are famous for their quality, reasonable prices, and fantastic customer service. The exactly know what a customer is looking for in their product. Their products are sturdy and of good quality, but they also develop cool designs and trendy, fashionable sportswear.

Which Method Of Buying Is Better?

Whether you buy boxing equipment from the store or you get it online, make sure that you are investing your money on a thing. Do not just go for cheap boxing equipment and waste your money instead of saving it. It is a one-time investment, so there is no harm in spending a fair amount. Also, this Equipment keeps you healthy and protected. If you compromise on the quality of boxing gloves, you may end up in the hospital because of a wrist injury. It will ultimately lead to more hospital bills and more expenditure. So you end up wasting the money instead of saving it. That’s why it is better to go to the store yourself, test each piece of equipment, and then buy it.


When you decide to go for specific training, the number one prerequisite is determination. If you are determined to get training in boxing, there is nothing that can stop you. Right boxing equipment will add up to hour strength and make your skill more precise, as it is better to invest in it.

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