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Boxing Inner Gel Pad Hand Wraps

Product NameBoxing Inner Gel Pad Hand Wraps
Brand NameExim Fast
MaterialPolyester + Cotton
ColourAll Colour

Note: Customer can refer us his/her own requirements via email. Quoted Prices are for MOQ.

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15 to 17 Days for Production and 3 to 5 Days DHL, FedEx Transit time.

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In Mixed Martial Arts during training or actual combat, amongst the most important weapon of a boxer are his hands. Extensive care should be taken for the support of the little metacarpal bones that join together to make up a hand. Instead of the traditional-styled hand wraps, Gel Pad Hand Wraps are incredibly effective and a very simple piece of Mixed Martial Arts equipment. Gel insulated hand wraps are among the most efficient ways to provide safety padding for hands due to their ease of application as well as their reusability.

Exim Fast offers you top-quality gel pad hands that are designed with cotton and polyester to prevent your hands and knuckles from injuries and fractures, and provide you wrist support. The biggest pro of these hand wraps is that they are quick and easy-to-wear. You just put it on like a glove, wrap it around your wrist and you are set! It is pretty thick on the knuckles and gives adequate protection to them. It has a thumb hole and stitched fingers. Also, it compresses your hand to allow it a strong grip and protect your palms as well. We have these gloves available in all colors and color combinations. The size, design, and style of the Gel Pad Hand Wrap are customizable as per the demands of the customer.

Get hold of these washable and easy-to-put on Gel Pad Hand wraps, and wear them under your boxing gloves to add an extra layer of protection to your hands, knuckles, and wrist.

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