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Are you planning to engage in a hobby that is healthy as well as productive? Are you passionate about sports and want to be fit? Boxing is a sport that you can opt to stay appropriate, safe, and make your career. If you love boxing enough to work hard and be at a point where everybody recognizes your name as a boxer, then it is high time you make the decision. Boxing is a low investment, highly paid career, and it is a perfect workout as it engages all of the muscles of your body. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, get an ideal shape, or want to be known as a sportsperson, boxing can be a great choice. You must have a kit of boxing equipment that is essential to begin your boxing training. You can start from essentials and then keep on adding more equipment into your gear. Once you invest in the right boxing equipment, it will help you a long way.

Boxing Equipment That You Should Have In Your Starter Pack

You don’t need to buy expensive boxing equipment. However, you must not compromise on Quality. As it is a risky sport, substandard boxing equipment can lead you to severe injuries. For example, if you buy a cheap pair of boxing gloves, it will be light on your pocket, but it may be why a broken wrist or injured hand in a couple of days. So do you want to land in a hospital bed while you are in your boxing training? No, right? Then it is better to do some research and look for the boxing equipment that suits your budget and maintains Quality at the same time.

boxing equipment starter pack

Boxing Equipment You Should Try Not To Miss

You don’t need to purchase every boxing equipment for home that every professional boxer has; stick to your initial training’s essentials. Don’t fall for high end, expensive brands, and look for Quality. Also, your boxing equipment must suit your style and personality. Don’t jump on the professional equipment directly, and instead, try to focus on your skill more than the equipment. Here is a list of the things that you must have in your boxing kit when you want to start training in boxing

  • Boxing gloves
  • Headguard
  • Mouthguard
  • Skipping rope
  • Shoes
  • Gym wear
  • Hand wraps
  • Gym bag
  • Chest and groin protector
  • Punching bag

You can skip a few of these from your boxing equipment list if you want, but make sure you keep yourself protected and well prepared. Safety comes first, and one should try to invest in the stuff that is of good quality and comes at a reasonable price.

Uses Of Each Boxing Equipment

Each boxing equipment has its value. Some are for protection, defense and others are to make your punching game stronger. Here, it is briefly explained why it is essential to have this equipment in your boxing starter pack.

Boxing Gloves

A good pair of gloves is the very first thing that you need for boxing. They not only make your punch a strong one but also save your hands and wrist from severe injury. Whenever you punch a punching bag or your opponent, there is a chance that you might injure yourself if you don’t have your gloves on. They create a sparring effect and act as a shock absorber, thus reducing harmful effects.


A hard skull protects the human head, but a decisive blow can lead to severe disability. It can lead to bleeding, paralysis, coma, and even death. The brain is well protected in the skull, but a forceful punch on the head is dangerous and fatal.


Nobody wants to end up with a permanent face deformity after a boxing session. So it is better to be prepared and have a mouthguard. It protects your teeth and preserves your smile so that you can look good when you smile and pose for a picture to be featured in the top magazine.

Skipping Rope

Skipping is a great cardio exercise. It prepares your body for heavy workouts like boxing. It enhances the coordination of all the groups of muscles. Better coordination helps you in boxing as it makes you more active and avid. Also, skipping a rope enhances your stamina and warms up your body.


Footwork is essential for good boxing practice. You can work better on your footwork only if you have a good pair of shoes. Your legs act as a spring, and your body spins around the trunk. You must invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes or trainers.

Gym Wear

One has to be in loose and comfortable clothes for having a good boxing practice session. Also, your attire should be such that it absorbs the sweat and does not make you uncomfortable. Type boxing equipment near me, and you will fall in love with the vast variety Eximfast has in stock. They deal in the best quality boxing equipment for home.

Hand Wraps

They protect your hands from injuries that can be a result of emotional punches. It is better to stay safe and be prepared for a fight.

Gym Bag

It is essential to stay organized and well managed to focus on your game and don’t miss any critical equipment. A gym bag helps you stay punctual and always prepared.

Chest And Groin Protector

These parts of your body bed need extra protection because they are sensitive. Chest and groin protectors are not necessary if you are practicing on your own, but you must go for it if you have an opponent.

Punching Bag

If you are in your initial stages in training and do not have a partner to train with, you must have a punching bag. Invest in a good punching bag that is mobile and can be installed easily. It may range from 40 lbs to 150 lbs.

Why Should Quality Be A Priority?

Quality should be the number one priority because one can never compromise on one’s safety. It would be best if you did not risk your life and health for the sake of saving some money. You can get excellent quality boxing equipment in stores near you.

Where To Buy The Right Boxing Equipment In The UK?

Whether you are looking for boxing equipment in Melbourne or boxing equipment in London, Eximfast has got you all covered. They deal in good quality import and export boxing equipment that you can rely upon. You can visit your nearest sports store and make your boxing kit by testing every piece of equipment. However, it is more convenient to look for affordable and reasonable boxing equipment online.

Sports Ware House

If you are searching for Boxing equipment near me or a boxing equipment store near me, you might use a good suggestion here. Sportswearhouse caters to the people that are into hunting, camping, climbing, hiking, and things like this. They make excellent and right quality sports equipment that includes specific tools, shoes, clothes, and other accessories. They have a considerable in-store and online stock that they update with every trend. They provide you with good quality outdoor sports equipment, school sports equipment, uniform, team wear, merchandise, etc.


Eximfast is known for its export-quality sports equipment. Whether it be punching bags, headbands, wrist wraps, or boxing clothes, they have a wide variety of sports stuff. They have excellent customer service and a high customer rating. They aim at providing reliable and sturdy products to the customers at reasonable prices. Eximfast keeps up with the trend and keeps updating their products according to the need of the market. They are well aware of their customers’ needs and always compete to meet their requirements.

High Ratings And Customer Reviews

Exim Fast is known for its customer reviews and high ratings. They pay special attention to the presentation of their products that makes them even more wanted.


Eximfast is a legally authorized company and holds all the legal rights for the manufacturing of each product. They pay special attention to detail, design, and Quality to get the most updated and most comfortable boxing equipment.


As they have a vast network, they are one of the leading manufacturers of good quality sports goods. You can avail anything you need under one roof and that too at a very reasonable price.

What Makes Eximfast The Best?

They are aimed at providing their customers with a wide variety of export quality products. They never compromise on quality because this is what they are known for. They have earned their name in this field because they provide excellent service to their customers.

  • Here are a few qualities of Eximfast that make you choose them over all the others.
  • They have a dynamic and versatile range of wear.
  • They have cost-friendly products that are sturdy and reliable.
  • They have Appealing and attractive designs.
  • Their products are adapted to modern society.
  • They follow the trends and stay up with them.
  • They are licensed and well-known manufacturers.
  • They hold all the legal rights for manufacturing sports products.
  • They have fantastic customer service.
  • Their customer service is active and cooperative all the time.
  • They have easy payment methods.
  • They provide excellent shipping services.
  • They continuously monitor the Quality of their products.


Whether you shop in-store or online, make sure you don’t compromise on quality because this equipment cannot be bought every other day. Consider it as an investment and spend wisely.

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